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Pinkies, Fuzzies, and Hoppers (MOUSE)
Born a blind, pink cocktail wiener,
Nothing sadder has ever been seener,
But when fuzzy I become, I scamper and hop,
Good luck trying to catch me, cause I’ll never stop!

Like a scaly, reptilian Indiana Jones,
I’ll whip with my tail and snap at your bones,
I’m mean and ill-tempered, a terrible brute,
I suggest you steer clear. 
Away with you!  Scoot!

Thirteen feet head to tail, when fully unwound,
Makes it difficult at times to even turn around,
Lock up your kitty and old Irish Setter,
‘Cause for me and my food, the larger the better.

Lactose (MILK SNAKE)
Red touches black, You’re okay jack,
Red touches yellow,You’re a dead fellow.

My…pro….gress….is…..slow, I….plod….and….I…..trudge,
Get….me….in….the….sun, I….won’t…..want……..budge.

A conssssstrictor, I sssssqueezzze. Giving hugssssss, I am besssssst.
It isssssssn’t my fault. Air escapessssss from your chessssst.

Wartz (TOAD)
I’m a lonely (croak, croak). A lonely toad (croak, croak).
Could use a friend (croak, croak). In my abode (croak, croak).

Elmer & Super (GECKO)
That gecko on TV. He ain’t nothin’ but a phony.
Real geckos stick to cages. They don’t save car insurance money.

“Lives in fire” is the meaning of my ancient name,
Cut off a limb, it grows back just the same. I’m beautifully colored,
often riddled with spots. Mr. Cross treats me well, he and his tots.

Hangin’ round. Eatin’ leafy greens. Hangin’ round. Danglin’ from screens.
Hangin’ round. Like a long-tailed ape. Hangin’ round. Plannin’ my escape.


In Mice Don’t Taste Like Chicken, Drew, Jackson, and their classmates spend each school day bonding with these caged critters.  Here’s an opportunity to learn about the other “students” of Mr. Cross’ classroom.

On the right, click on the critter name and follow the fun. >>>

Try this activity to learn about the animals' natural habitat.