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Mice Don't Taste Like Chicken • Discussion Questions by Scott Heydt

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1. How did Tinkle Troy win the trip to New York City with Mr. Cross?  Why did Troy invite Drew, Jackson, and Kim to join him?

2. Describe three ways Mr. Cross is different from Drew’s past teachers.

3. Why does Mr. Cross decide to leave Bridgeton Elementary for California?  How does Drew respond to this news?



4. In Chapter 3: “Ozzie”, Jackson says to Drew, “...this would be a perfect day for you to go King Kong.”  What does “go King Kong” mean?  Why would it be the perfect day for Drew to go “King Kong?”

5. Explain what is happening to Jackson’s behavior when Ryan arrives.  How does this affect Drew and Jackson’s friendship?

6. What would happen at your school if the principal caught you in a similar bathroom incident like Drew, Jackson, Ryan, and Troy in Chapter 5: “Lactose?”


7. Explain how Jackson’s actions forced Drew and he apart but brought Drew and Kim closer.

8. Select a character from the story that might say this, “I’m afraid of change.”  Support your selection with specific events from the story.

9. How would the story differ if Mr. Cross never accepted the San Diego Zoo job?  OR  How would the story differ if Drew and Jackson never experienced their big fight?



10. Read “Alone” from Days with Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel.  What is the relationship between the events in this story and the events of Chapter 8: “Wartz?”

11. Identify symbolic objects or events of Drew’s nightmare in Chapter 4: “Prometheus.”  What do these symbols have to do with Drew’s life?

12. What assumptions can you make about why Tinkle Troy is a misunderstood outcast at Bridgeton Elementary?



13. Choose one chapter from Mice Don’t Taste Like Chicken.  Describe the symbolic connections between the chapter title and the events of the chapter. 

14. Based on information provided in Mice Don’t Taste Like Chicken, design your envisioned set-up Mr. Cross’ classroom.

15. Propose an alternative way Drew can smooth out his problems with Joe Riaz without Jackson or he resorting to violence, crude gestures, or name-calling.



16. Defend Joe’s decision to save the animals from the fire rather than rushing to find help.

17. What are possible deeper meanings for the title Mice Don’t Taste Like Chicken?

18. Describe a situation in the book that causes you to consider your actions toward someone else.  Provide an example of how you may change your actions in the future based on reading the book.



Discussion Questions